#4Pointe shoe painter Ree【Interview】

Hi!  I’m Tomoya Ichikawa. (@tomochan8282)


I interviewed Ms.Ree who established Pointe shoe painting.  This is the art genre that was created for the first time in the world.


Ms.Ree realized an idea in her heart and connected to the world by taking overwhelming action.  She talked the history of try and error.


Ree’s official website is here↓↓



#4Pointe shoe painter Ree【Interview】

  1.  I would like to go to various countries

#4Pointe shoe painter Ree【Interview】

I would like to go to various countries


I’m going to Belgium in this April.


Wow!  You are going to Belgium!


Yeah.  There is a festival introduced by acquaintance.  It is a festival of street performance.


I am thinking that I want to go abroad once a year.


Last year you were in New York.


I often said that you had better do something popular overseas


For example, wearing kimono, using Japanese-style music and Japanese musical instrument like traditional performing art.


Yeah yeah!  Japanese traditional art.


Japanese traditional art was suggested, but I have a work that I want to make the most.  It is not having any sense, but I would like to draw a pattern.


Moreover, only with Japanese ink.


Suiboku-ga?? (Ink painting??)


Thats right.

You become Sesshu (Japanese ink painting artist) next time!


I overlapped a lot of lines in TED.  Oh my image is like this! (She looked at the floor in the lounge)


I would like to make the work like this.  Overlapping and combining line.


I think that it will be taken so interest overseas.


Western people are longing for oriental style like ink paintings.  Some people come to Japan to study culture.  There are many people who are trying the art of calligraphy.


If those people are targeted successfully and you can make your works from the bottom of your heart, everything will be connected.  I guess the ink painting is good idea.


A big bang might be born.


When I can do it, my fire is burning again.  It is a medium heat now.


Thats why I am doing what I really want to do.  I think Pointe shoe painting is the best for me.


Im often said Please draw a picture that is easier to understand.  If the offer is coming, of course I will do.


I could hear the part of difficulty that I could not image from only Facebook.


There might be difficulty more than light.  I have 90% difficulty and 10% light.


Todays workshop was wonderful.  Everyone got absorbed.


I really felt that words arent needed today.  I usually speak a little more.  Today, everyone was concentrating a lot


It was non verbal.


Japanese people is sometimes an overthinker.  I hope to be more intuitive.    It is quite difficult.


How was an audiences reaction when you went to New York?


The interesting thing was that the man starts crying.  It was a situation that can not happen in Japan.


After finishing, some men came beside me and said.  I was cried by your performance. Why?  I didnt know why.  hahaha.


Anyway, they did not ask any question.  I thought it was not because I can not speak English.


They talked to me very fast.  Congratulations!! and I was cried!!  haha.


They were just telling me what they felt.  I was just telling them Thank you! thank you!  Their smile and eyes shining are really my treasure.


I was not asked a question why you draw with toe shoes.  The question always asked in Japan is Why toe shoes?


Is this a dance?  Is this a picture?  I was asked this two questions absolutely.

Thats a boring question.


Also in New York, I thought that I would be asked that question. So I was preparing it but nothing.


I talked it to a curator.  I was very surprised that there wasnt a question always asked.  I was so glad.


And I was told that New York people dont doubt the style of artist.  They are understanding That is your style.


Because they watch from that viewpoint, they dont think why you wear such a dress or such a costume.  The most important thing is how they felt.


They have a sense that good things is good.


For example, Ive never learned a piano so I am an amateur.  But when I heard the first-class piano performance, even amateur like me was impressed.  It is the same.


Even in a genre that is not interested at all, if the person are doing with passion and first-class, we are moved and love it.


In the World.  Hints are in the world.


I have to go more.


In the next 5 years, I am going abroad actively.  Because I have not been invited yet.


If a competent person knows you, the invitation will come.


Actually I had better go to New York every half year.


You were told by the curator.


Right.  Because everyone remember me.  But I cant afford it.


For the business part.


Yes.  But I think that it is not necessary to focus on only New York.  I am interested in every country.


I would like to go to various countries as much as possible.


The desert seems to suit you.


In previous life, I was dancing in the desert.




Sure.  I have been told.


An Arabian Night worldview looks good on you.


There is a desert, there is a sky full of stars, there is also a camel, people in pink ethnic costumes, prince of white costume.


In that situation, Ree-san is dancing with Pointe shoe painting.  That image comes to me.


I was a man dancer in previous life.  He was a Middle Eastern dancer who is dancing towards the sun.


He had no friends.  He was dancing towards the sun alone.


Haha. That was your previous life.


In this life, I want to dance not only towards the sun, but also towards humans. haha.




I want to make friends!!


Make a lot of friends please!!


Ree’s official website is here↓↓





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