#3Pointe shoe painter Ree【Interview】

Hi!  I’m Tomoya Ichikawa. (@tomochan8282)


I interviewed Ms.Ree who established Pointe shoe painting.  This is the art genre that was created for the first time in the world.


Ms.Ree realized an idea in her heart and connected to the world by taking overwhelming action.  She talked the history of try and error.


Ree’s official website is here↓↓



#3Pointe shoe painter Ree【Interview】

  1.  About the business
  2.  I would like to make a work from the bottom of heart

#3Pointe shoe painter Ree【Interview】

About the business


Do you often think about the budget?


I began to think about it at some point.  Of course at first I was thinking about nothing.


This is one of question that I wanted to hear from you.


You are thats artist for me.  I wonder how you are thinking about the business part.


I was helped by many people.  I negotiated somehow.  I need your help!



I didnt know how I should do as an artist.  I managed to make money only with passion.


There was a way to save money by myself but I couldnt wait for it.  If I was in the early twenties, I would do that.  However I have already passed 25 years old.


People who showing themselves are so fatal as they get older.  If I become a middle age, nobody is looking at me.  haha.


I have to hurry.  I have to manage in a hurry.


You were thinking about such a thing.


I said to them I am paying when I get promoted  Many people helped me. However, such a thing will not continue for a long time.


Thats why I started thinking about the business 2 years ago.


It has been 2 years since Pointe shoe painting was born.


Yeah!  I could have confident as my technique was established.  I felt that I can earn and eat with Pointe shoe painting.


I was really doing my performance only with passion and emotion.  I had to think about business firmly as well.


The necessity came out.




I often went to a business seminar last year.




I went to various bigger business event where people called self-employed joined.


I could study business but… it is difficult.


I did it too much.  To tell the truth, the flame of my passion is getting weak.  Last year, My flame was about a candle.




Ohh it is disappearing soon.  I am doing my best not to absolutely disappear.  Since this year, my flame changed low fire from a candle.  It is reviving little by little.


It is hard to balance the budget.  I thought that the artist should not think about it.  Some artist can do it skillfully.


Such artists are selling well.  Or they have a good manager.


I am running at full speed only with emotion.  It is difficult for a type like me to balance the budget by myself.


It is a different ability.


It is completely different.


This is a little different kind of problem than before.  It is not art part but business part.


Sure. I am there now.


Because your level was rising, a new problem appeared.

I would like to make a work from the bottom of heart


This year, I am trying not to be too conscious about the budget balance.


And I want to contribute to society.  Because I was doing as I like, I want to do something useful for the people.


It might be an effect of business seminar, but a work is to do what people want to be helped, isnt it?




Todays your workshop helped me.  My heart and body was relaxed by workshop.  You offered participants a value to return to childhood.


This is undoubtedly a contribution to the people.


Hahaha.  Next time, I am doing a workshop at a charity event.  But the price is going down a lot.  It costs 1500 yen for participants.


There is no profit.


Half of cost is going to charity.  So materials should be prepared within 750 yen.


I was told that it can be a container like paper cup, not a glass single-flower vase.  But Im looking for a better item.


Oh, thats fine, isnt it? (She points on the table.)




Yeah. I thought it is good now.


It is looking beautiful with color.


You found it.  It’s better than paper cups.


Thank you so much!!


So in a social contribution, it is a little difficult to earn as an artist.  So I have a plan to work at Bunkamura again.


A gallery of Bunkamura?


Yes.  For studying pictures and getting regular income.


This year, I would like to make a work from the bottom of my heart while balancing the budget in my art activities.


If you a little raise the cost of todays workshop, participants is coming, isnt it?


Yesterday, I was told that even 5000 yen is possible.


If I can do that, I can be a businessman.  That looks difficult.


You are using good materials.


It also becomes my promotion.


But today was fun.  A really interesting person whose sensitivity is so rich came.  Everyone was concentrated.


Everyone was concentrated.  I was in meditation.


It was the first time that I watched them for such a long time.  There are a lot of cases that I support.


Usually it is finished about 10-15 minutes.  I wondered how long everyone continue today.


I didnt know how long I should watch them.  I didnt know the end.  They really got absorbed from the bottom of their heart.


I got absorbed.

It was amazing.


Well, Its interesting.  The problem to face is changing with age.


You have a business problem now.  However, you are growing very much by facing this problem.


This is pretty difficult.


You cannot solve it by only yourself.


Yeah really.


Until now, you could solve it by changing your behavior, but there is a solution beyond your level in this case.


Oh I see.


I am really working now.  But the situation dont change easily.


Until now, I was doing by myself.  So I changed inside of me, and outside changed immediately.


However this time, I am a place where many people involve.  It should be hard to get results immediately.  Its natural.


By the way, you joined an event with a shoe company, didnt you?


Yeah!  I joined!  It was SOREL.


This is good.

I really practiced this.  I have never danced with wearing sneakers.


It is totally different from ballet.


Yes. I thought a lot.


Hip hop is the best match for sneakers.  Because there are many motion that stepping on the ground with the foot.


I wonder there was 1 month to the event.  I had to dance by my own way with a smug look.


I used a lot of paint.  Too much material cost surprised a manager.  haha.


The manager left the budget to you.



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